An Anthology of Citations Across Three Generations of Germans

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Konrad Goerg

We Are What We Remember

Germans, Two Generations after Auschwitz

Voices to Remind Us

The only remaining picture: Erwin in the
                  arms of his sister

In Remembrance of Erwin Katz

Hartung-Gorre Publishers Konstanz 2010


 About this translation
 Horst-Eberhard Richter
 Erhard Roy Wiehn
 1. Preface
 2. The Story of the Boy Erwin Katz
 3. "What Should Never Have Been Allowed to Happen"

Grandparents' Era
 4. Antisemitism in Germany Before 1933
 5. Exclusion, Deportation, Murder
 6. The Few Survivors
 7. About the Perpetrators
 8. Looking Away and Keeping Quiet
 9. Resistance

Parents' Era
10. The 'Second Guilt' of the Germans
11. Remembering Truthfully

Attempts at Interpretation
12. Historical Roots of the Disaster
13. Auschwitz, a Phenomenon of Modern Civilisation?
14. From a Social Psychological Perspective

Later Generations
15. Yearning for Reconciliation and Redemption
16. Responsibility for Freedom and Democracy

17. The National Socialist Persecution of Jews
18. Bibliography
Title image: Deportation Memorial by Moshe Safdie in Yad Vashem,
Jerusalem (Photo: Erhard Roy Wiehn)

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Voices About the Book

This anthology on the Shoah makes compelling reading. Behind it, like a watermark the outcry of the memorial stone in Treblinka, "Never again!"
Erhard Roy Wiehn, 4/08

Amazing, how a small volume like this can open eyes.
Norbert Jachertz, Deutsches Ärzteblatt [German Physician's Paper], 2/09

Precisely because of its compressed overview, the little book deserves a wide circulation. One can learn more from it than from a great deal of more extensive documentation, and it helps to remind us of the need for ongoing vigilance.
Horst-Eberhard Richter, 10/09

Simply a wonderful book! Not only the selection of texts, but also its thematic arrangement, the impressive introduction and forewords – not to mention the peculiar mentality and orientation of the entire book – make this collection a unique manifestation of true commemoration and a humanistic world view. Very many thanks for this important gift, which the author made to previous and future readers of his book.
Moshe Zuckermann, Tel Aviv, 12/09

This book is amazing. A cursory reading tells me that I must spend time within its pages, and soak up the wisdom and the inspiration within. It is German people like the author who give hope to the Jewish Nation.
Rebecca Levant, Jewish Cantorial Soloist, Calgary, AB, Canada, 12/10

An incredible and really strong book. I have rarely seen an anthology that is so dense and so expressive. The book had to be written. – Last night I immersed myself in it until the early morning hours and still found it difficult to fall asleep. One has to take it to heart! Thank you very much!
Margot Wicki-Schwarzschild, Switzerland, 12/12

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